What do we do?​


Sustainability is no longer enough, we need to regenerate our natural and social systems.

Regenerative architecture and regenerative agriculture to build communities that tread lightly and exist harmoniously within their environment. Taking care of people and our planet, for many generations to come.

We are interested in the connection between people and place, strengthening and (re)establishing this connection through the tools of architecture and permaculture. We are passionate about natural building and solar passive design to:
a) reduce the environmental impact of construction and
b) reduce the energy load of the building through passive cooling.

Alternative story telling helps spread the word of these alternative paradigms that we are creating together. The power of photography and graphic design empower us to tell a new story, a different story of altruism, justice and cooperation instead of greed, corruption and competition.


We design buildings that are a joy to inhabit and make sense within their site and setting. Buildings that are equally pragmatic and poetic.

We design buildings that are a joy to inhabit and make sense within their site and setting. By analysing and responding to unique site conditions architecture becomes a tool that empowers to exist symbiotically with their environment, rather than a weapon that creates tension against the environment.

Our tropical climate allows us a great freedom in architecture that is not possible in many parts of the world. Here, we are able to explore the reduction of architecture to a minimal shelter, allowing us to enjoy and experience our environment. A shelter may simply be a roof to shield the sun or a wall to protect from strong winds. The experiences derived from a building that facilitates and encourages interaction with the environment creates an instinctive awareness and appreciation for our surroundings.

We prefer carefully considered design principles such as building orientation, informed by solar and climate analysis, plan and section, materiality, insulation and manual adjustments to the building skin rather than mechanical cooling.W

Architecture Services

See some examples of our portfolio below and read more about our philosophy on our About Page. 


Permaculture is a design science that aims to observe and mimic the efficacy of nature and her systems.

Permaculture is a practical set of ecological design principles and methods for human settlements which can be applied to urban, suburban, rural and watershed scale.

Cultivating abundance through the principles of Permaculture that integrates agriculture, ecology and community while also regenerating the planet. Exploring how Permaculture Practices enable us to create systems that mimic the resilience, diversity and sustainability of nature to benefit both humans and the environment.
No individual or society in the history of humanity has come anywhere close to replicating the intricate genius of nature.

Permaculture principles provide a way of thinking that enables people to establish highly productive environments that provide for food, energy, shelter, and other material and non-material needs. These principals are rooted in careful observations of natural patterns and can be applied at all scales, to all climates and a wide variety of cultures from indigenous to technological.

Permaculture Services

See some examples of our portfolio below and read more about our philosophy on our About Page. 


Photograph literally translates to “draw light.” It is a way of capturing what exists before our eyes, but also of capturing that which we cannot see, the sensations that we feel.

The photographic art has the potential to be engaging and emotive, conveying experiences, sensations and feelings to the observer.

To us, photography is more than a profession, it is a passion that consumes us. A form of magic; to capture those special moments, to convey something beyond the confines of our limited senses, to make us truly feel something. Photography tells a story beyond the limit of words.

We have been commissioned for just about every type of photographic project that you could dream of and we have loved each and every one of them. We have worked on adventure, architectural, culinary, elopments, events, fashion, yoga and well-being. We are avid storytellers, so no matter what your story, we are here to help you capture and tell it.

Photography Services

See some examples of our portfolio below and read more about our philosophy on our About Page. 

Graphic Design

Graphic Design or Graphic Art is an essential tool in crafting your story and visually conveying that story, it’s message(s), spirit and ideas.

A fine example of this is Tierra Perma, we made a decision about who we want to be and portray that message through our graphic decisions and representations. We hope that by now it is apparent who we are, playful but serious, experienced but humble, forever curious and determined to create something real, meaningful & beautiful. A large portion of this communication occurs through these decisions and manipulations of geometry, colors and form.

We can and should do this for you too! Representing your brand graphically and further helping tell your story to the people who need to hear it. We help illustrate your distinction, what sets you apart. Your unique offering to the world.

Graphic Design Services

See some examples of our portfolio below and read more about our philosophy on our About Page. 

Creative Communication

This is the fun part, where we clarify just what story you are trying to tell, who you are, what you do, but most importantly, why do you do it. And from there, the best and most effective way to communicate that story to the people who need it hear it. The merging of photography, graphic design and story telling.

What sets your soul on fire, what is your passionate pursuit and what inspired it? This takes a bit of work but is a fun journey of discovery that we embark on together.

After we establish the story that we are trying to tell, we get to work telling that story through the amalgamation and culmination of the written, photographic and graphic arts, weaving together these strands to tell a cohesive and authentic story. To bravely and boldly share your offering with the world.

To create a cohesive and integrated workflow we recommend engaging our services all the way through this process of communication. Story development and communication strategy, graphic design and photography. This ensures that every component of your brand is helping to support the overall function, the photos fit with the graphic and digital design, the graphics fit with the actual words of the story, everything flows together!

Creative Communication Services

See some examples of our portfolio below and read more about our philosophy on our About Page. 

Your Project at the center

The dream project is a demonstration of the Creative Lab's services coming together to create something real, meaningful, and beautiful.

Like the petals of a flower, the classic Venn Diagram, or sacred geometry Tierra Perma puts your work at the center and brings to it the many aspects that make up the results.

You may be interested in one ore more service that we offer. If your project is a small part of the story you wish to tell or it’s your dream project we are interested in talking with you more about how we can be of service.

You never change things by fighting the existing reality.

To change something, build a new model that makes the existsing model obsolete.