Volcan del Fuego Expedition

Antigua, Guatemala


Volcan Del Fuego hike is an incredible overnight hike, camped on the summit of a volcano called Acatenango that is directly next to the incredibly active, Volcano del Fuego. The volcano erupts most days and provides an incredible show of raw natural power and beauty. It is a gruelling 5-hour hike at high altitude but once you arrive to camp, it is a truly once in a lifetime experience.
Tierra Perma was responsible for capturing the tour experience to be used for social media and promotional material. This was one of those pinch me I’m dreaming type of jobs, but it wasn’t easy! Trying to capture the group struggling up the mountain while ourselves, struggling up the mountain. There was freezing cold, strong winds and the unpredictability of the volcano meant we had to be there ready to capture at the slightest sign of activity. Some of our favourite photos to date came from this expedition.