El Local

Antigua, Guatemala

Photography, Logo, Interior Design, Menu Design, Promotional Material, Story Development, Communication Strategy

El Local is an intimate cafe driven by the motto of globally inspired, market driven to deliver holistic and creative cuisine inspired by local and seasonal produce. Tierra Perma was responsible for a comprehensive branding and marketing package all the way from conception, brand identity, interior design and fitout through to marketing, communication strategy and photography. Being in control of the full spectrum of services ensured a seamless continuity and cohesiveness throughout all stages, the brand identity is embodied in the design, photography captured with the communication strategy and graphic design requirements in mind. Working in this way led to a brand with a strong sense of self that is conveyed to its patrons.

Food Photography was a huge part of the work, capturing these tantalising creations in creative ways to attract diners. And boy did we attract them! Without fail, people would show up everyday with phone in hand and just point to one of the beautiful instagram posts instead of looking at the menu.