Chosen Experiences

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Photography, Story Telling

Chosen Experiences is a company that design and facilitates retreats and experiences in carefully selected locations around the world. The principles focus on championing lifelong learning, meaningful social connections, the acceptance of new challenges, and personal evolution. The ultimate goal is to ensure we all make the right choices every day of our lives.

We were tasked with capturing the retreat at Lake Atitlan and conveying these principles of connection, evolution, learning and play. Guests were catered with wholesome and delicious cuisine, immersed in the natural beauty of the lake and surrounding volcanoes, partaking in group meditations, yoga, workouts, games and activities as well as mentoring sessions. Capturing the beauty of this stillness was a great pleasure, to see people taking pause and the calmness and serenity that quickly sets in, connecting with people potentially different from yourself and allowing yourself free expression to be and feel as you please. We are incredibly proud of the work and to have worked with a boy-hood hero of ours, Michael Klim, 6-time olympic medalist swimmer and all-around top bloke.