Biankalu Summer Collection

Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Photography, Story Telling

For our third shoot together and the new Biankalu Summer Collection we had to assemble a very special squad to model these new threads. Who said sustainable fashion can't be sexy? I think you will see that this fire squad adorned in the new summer line most definitely makes sustainable fashion not only sexy, but inclusive. Diversity is the spice of life and this crew makes it spicy!

Each item is made in one size that fits almost all body types and shapes, a feat in and of itself but to make it look so good is something else! Sustainable and organic materials are used that have less impact on the planet in production while also lasting longer and reducing need for replacement. Workers are fairly compensated for their work to ensure that the product is also socially sustainable and not exploiting the planet or the people!

We can't wait for the new Biankalu collection and are excited to continue our ongoing collaborations, learning and growing together.