Ginger Fields, Market Garden

Rosebank, Australia

Concept Design, Climatic Analysis, Solar Passive Design, Permaculture, Masterplanning, Regenerative Design

Ginger Fields is a small market garden intended as a prototype to assess the viability and scale production. The predominant cash crop is Ginger but the design utilises a number of symbiotic crop selections that enhance growing conditions and stagger harvest times. In addition to Ginger, Pigeon Pea is used to create shading, wind breaks and enrich the soil with nitrogen; Shallots, Thai Chili and Lemongrass are incorporated to create staggered levels of planting and add diversity to the garden culture.

The climatic analysis provides clear indicators for the optimal time for planting and harvesting as well as informing the arrangement of the garden beds.

The site is located in an area of rich natural diversity and strong cultural history for the indigenous peoples.