Selva Negra

Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Photography, Brand Book, Customer Presentation, Social Media Guide

Selva Negra is an integrated coffee hub that supports and adds value to both suppliers and providers of coffee. Selva Negra is proud and passionate about Costa Rican coffee, helping deliver it to the people. They support both the producers and consumers of coffee by ensuring that the best coffee is prepared in the best manner and makes its way to the cups that appreciate and love it. Sourced with love, roasted with science and prepared with precision. Selva Negra is about establishing and maintaining close, open and ongoing relationships with their clients and customer experience is a vital part of their operations.

Already an established company, Tierra Perma was tasked with increasing the brand awareness, online presence, social media strategy and promotional material for prospective clients. Through the story development process we established who they are, what they do, how they do it, but most importantly, why they do it; in order to determine what story they are telling and how best to tell it. Photo shoots were conceptualised and carried out with this story in mind to create a cohesive communication strategy.