Casa Tres Plumerias 07 Solar Study

Casa Tres Plumerías

Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Concept Design, Design Development, Construction Documentation, Climatic Analysis, Solar Passive Design

Casa Tres Plumerias is a tropical family dwelling that was formed by a desire for open plan living with a cohesive flow of interior spaces and intuitive connection to the exterior environment. The building responds to the tropical climate utilising a large roof overhang to create ample shading, strategic roof incline to allow clerestory windows and diffused natural lighting as well as strategic manual openings in the building envelope to promote cross ventilation and cooling.

The house is inverted from the typical layout with a large open living, dining and kitchen area connected to the upper balcony and perfect for entertaining and hosting. The lower level creates a more intimate sleeping quarters broken up by a small dance hall space that can be used as a dynamic breakout space.

The roof elegantly floats over the upper living and balcony spaces. Broken into two parts that are staggered and layered to block harsh direct sunlight and to filter diffuse natural lighting. The form is shaped by the solar analysis to ensure an effective passive solar solution that is also beautiful and elegant.