Para La Gente – Ecocentric Micro Community, Jungle Farm & Mecanismo Positivo

Para La Gente is a mixed use development that aims to demonstrate how we can create peaceful human civilisations, entirely powered by renewable sources of energy, based on closed-loop systems and cradle-to-cradle philosophy where everyone enjoys a high quality of life and the natural environment continues to thrive.

It is both an exemplar and catalyst as we transition from a paradigm of domination and competition to one of symbiosis and cooperation, from greed to altruism. Para La Gente is an ecological and anthropological exhibition of what is possible and a mechanism to aid others transition to this new paradigm.

It examines the traditional role of the property or land developer and the deeper ethical obligations to the planet, local community, client(s), stakeholders and natural landscape with equal weight. Traditionally this role in society has been led by a model motivated by economic efficiency, with little concern for inhabitability and impact on both the social and natural landscapes. As an architect, it can be difficult to serve a system with such a narrow, short sighted focus. Finally, the realisation hit that we have the potential to help change that. Be the change you want to see in the world!

This role in society carries great responsibility as it has enormous potential to shape our civilization and settlements. Through this lens we can examine how it can be used as a tool for positive advancement to human civilization, strengthening and (re)establishing the connection between people & place.

Goals: To create a high quality mixed use development that is ecologically sustainable, adds value to the local landscape (culturally, socially, ecologically), supports the local economy, is financially viable and is resilient, able to absorb and adapt to disturbances and future needs.