we create

Living Spaces

Through the regenerative potential of Architecture Permaculture

What if we could design our buildings in a way that was

Healthy for both people and
the planet?


Combining or involving several disciplines or specializations in an approach to a topic or problem.


The belief that the entire biosphere and all life in it are of intrinsic value, not solely the parts that are useful to humans. It attempts to restore the imbalance created by our anthropocentric system (human centred).

Creative Lab

Realm of infinite creative potential to manifest new realities.

An Ecocentric, Multidisciplinary Creative Studio

Based in Costa Rica



Regenerative architecture that utilises Solar Passive Design and Natural building to create buildings that minimise environmental impact of construction, reduce energy loads and are a joy to inhabit; connected to your environment. Buildings that make sense within their site and setting.


Cultivating abundance through the principles of Permaculture that integrates agriculture, ecology and community while also regenerating the planet. Exploring how Permaculture Practices enable us to create systems that mimic the resilience, diversity and sustainability of nature to benefit both humans and the environment

Story Telling

Crafting alternative narratives for change through photography, graphic design and story telling. Supporting conscious companies and individuals convey alternative narratives that inspire action and foster a deeper connection with the environment and within our communities.

Your project is unique

Our specialty is our diversity

It makes us creatively adaptable and resilient. We believe that true creativity is the expulsion of limits, a realm of infinte creative potential.

At Tierra Perma we believe that the Sustainable Dream Reality exists in the intersection of poetry and pragmatism and that is where we operate. 

Jake Magnus | Founder

creative caring catalyst

Jake is not going to give it to you, he’s going to guide you there. This is your journey, and he’s the guide that helps you transform your vision into reality through emergent practices, and a caring relationship.

We are going to guide you but,

this is your journey

Taking a Journey together

You as a collaborator

If you are here, your journey has already begun. You have had a vision. You’re investigating the possibilities and looking for cohorts. This is the point of your story where we meet as collaborators and co-conspirators. No journey is linear and there are many paths, challenges, gatekeepers, allies, risks, and rewards. At Tierra Perma we work collectively, cooperatively and collaboratively. We are not adversaries sitting on opposite ends of the table. This is a journey that we embark on together. So, are you ready to create something real, meaningful, and beautiful?

From little things,
big things grow

The opportunity, the obstacles, and how we succeed together

Creating something real takes time. The greater journey is the sum of each individual step and therefore it takes time to get anywhere meaningful. Along the way there will be many opportunities to pursue. There will be obstacles to overcome. As we navigate these opportunities and obstacles together the vision will solidify. It will begin to grow, and your ideal path will become clear. The more clarity we gain the more meaningful the journey and the more beautiful the outcome.

Impossible is nothing

A creative studio committed to being the change we want to see in the world!

We help turn your lofty dreams into reality.

We are a bridge. For those seeking a new way of life but not entirely sure what it looks like or how to get there. We are confident and competent dreamers and creators, leading by example. Here to inspire and empower you, to help guide and support you in the transformation of your life, into a previously unimagined possibility. We are conspirators and collaborators writing this exciting new chapter together.

With an array of experience in architecture, permaculture, graphic design and photography – we are the creative catalyst you’ve been looking for. We are embodying the change we want to see in the world!

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much

Be part of the Revolution

The Rewards

+ Achieving your vision

+ Building Relationships

+ A new identity​

+ A new community you belong to

Let’s do it together
It takes an amazing team
To realise your dream

Let’s Chat!

Creating your vision
Begins with a conversation

Let’s create the change
we wish to see in the world